Newsletter annuel du projet européen REMCAP: developing european maritime resources

The ‘blue’ economy represents roughly 5.4 MILLION JOBS and generates a gross added value of almost €500 BILLION A YEAR. However, further growth is possible and the goal of REMCAP is to substantially increase the innovation capacity across the EU in maritime resource efficiency, and thereby position European businesses to exploit growing global demand for resource efficient technologies, systems and operations.

Newsletter REMCAP Europe J

Newsletter REMCAP Europe J

REMCAP Project is: Increasing Innovation in Marine & Maritime Capability


  • To enhance understanding on the blue economy & provide clarity on how maritime cluster organisations can intervene to drive the maritime investment agendas in their regions;
  • To support REMCAP clusters to develop and implement action plans to increase their impact on both public and private sector investment
  • To expand engagement & collaborations to contribute to Europe’s world-beating marine & maritime capabilities

Key figures

  • 6 EU Maritime Clusters
  • 8 Maritime Focus Markets


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